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Round Invaders

Gameplay: Invaders arcade, but in circular world
The flagman title.
Round Invaders: Playstation store
Round Invaders Red: Playstation store

Round Invaders Rush

Gameplay: catcher with point penalty for moving

A spin-off to Round Invaders series.

Playstation Europe - Playstation Americas

Round Invaders Rush 2

Gameplay: catcher with different falling patterns, usable Energy and 3 types of movement. Easy to learn, hard to master. Tip: mash your D-pad and look out for the proper moment to utilise your energy!

A spin-off to Round Invaders series.

Plans for editions:
Worldwide (choose a location for setting its iconic ice creams into the game)
Metabolic (convert Points into Energy instead of catching it. Catch hearts and new rare Shiny Cones)

Playstation Europe - Playstation Americas

Pitching trailer. Massive spoilers. No sound.

on Sunday

Gameplay: action/quest. You've got 2 moves, slow attack(+interaction) and quick invincible dash.

Minimalistic in style, this game brings you on an unusual Sunday walk.
Are these dangers of the outer world or of your own soul?

Get it at Playstation's

Don't Fall

Gameplay: AntiLemmings + AntiPacman + visual novel

Alter the ways of lemming people to save them
from their bitter inner worlds. They'll become human again!
However, you're not the only one who is interested in lemmings.

It's a large-scope concept with multiple sequels, new possibilities and limitations in each. Get the prequel at Playstation store.

Concept video of the prototype. No sound.


Gameplay: visual novel

You are the imprisoned dictator. People of your country come visit. Survive as long as you can.

Buy for Playstation


The Button Be

Gameplay: clicker/reaction

Mocking the certain series of fast hypercasuals. An aesthetical clicker with a feel of discovery. Press this button, as it may bring a beautiful thing to be. However, not any click yields the same result.

Upcoming editions:

Title screen

The Leaves are Strong

Gameplay: adventure, resource management

Participate in a tree-planting event in the park, if your Anxiety allows you.

By interacting with environment and completing mini quests you can alter your Anxiety and Determination levels. On these, your ending depends. The game exploits the topic of social anxiety, self-care and positive experiences.

Some locations

Other games in making

Lady the Goodgirl

Gameplay: explorative platformer

Savannah Runnah

Gameplay: a runner with 2 active buttons

A giraffe runs to an unknown goal. Keep him safe and fed.

Patience Plants

Gameplay: clicker+rhythm

Water your plants precisely when they need it. See them grow and develop, and aquire new beautiful species.

Count Cuisine

Gameplay: manager, educational

You own a salad bar. Deliver the tasteful mixes your customers want. Count how much Sour, Sweet and Bitter ingredients you must use. Be fast.

More coming soon...

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Acyntha is an old name of Sansevieria plant genus. It is a slow, undemanding, but steady grower.